Banana Ripening

When the bananas are cut off the plant they are cleaned, packed and cooled to maintain their freshness. They are then shipped from source in a temperature controlled environment and imported green into the UK where the ripening process is continued. At this stage they are still very firm and very dark green.

Unlike other fruits which can be kept for extended periods of time in a cold store, bananas have a very limited life span. They require the highest level of care whilst in our depot and rapid distribution to our customers’ shelves for onward sales to the consumer.

Banana RipeningBananas emit ethylene gas; this gas accelerates the ripening process. The bananas are placed in our purpose-built ripening rooms which circulate the ethylene gas around the fruit, promoting even ripening. The humidity and temperature requires careful control during this time. The ripening process lasts between 5-6 days. If this process is rushed or not properly monitored, it will result in uneven ripening, damaged fruit and an inferior flavour.

As the bananas ripen properly under carefully monitored moisture and temperature conditions, their skin begins to transform into a lighter green, and may begin turning into their trademark yellow. During this process, the starch in the fruit is being converted to sugar and they are softening, which is what makes bananas sweet and tasty.